[New Spell] Cloud Conveyance

Cloud Conveyance


‘So we have to climb the mountain first?’ Koram asked.

‘Yes, come on!’ replied Knat the druidess.

Valance and Chalk looked up then at each other. Both men grimaced.

‘Look, you idiots need out of here, I can get you far away, but we need to get up into the clouds first,’ pressed Knat.

Hours later they were all relaxing in the comfort of a cloud.

‘This isn’t so bad, really,’ Chalk admitted.

Don’t we need to stop somewhere in the clouds and walk down again?’ Valance asked.

Knat tried to conceal her smile as Valance whined.


Cloud Conveyance (Druid)

Level 6

Range: Within 100′ of a cloud.

Duration: One hour per level.

As long as this spell is cast within 100′ of a cloud the casting druid can make a transport for up to six other individuals/1800lbs of weight. The bottom layer of the cloud will become firm and roughly one foot thick. Those within the cloud can see out and all around and they are hidden as long as nothing protrudes outside the cloud itself. The cloud has an effective AC of 7 and can take 50 hit points of damage, regardless of size, before starting to dissipate.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Cloud Conveyance

    • bat says:

      Thank you. This started out from hearing the phrase ‘Castles in the Sky’ and wondering how they had it so easy. I do admit while writing this post I also imagined those Chinese mountains with lots of lofty clouds about. 🙂

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