[New Magic Item] Beastman’s Brew

Beastman’s Brew

Valance looked down through the window as Koram and Chalk barricaded the door of the small tower.

‘Why don’t we just give him what he wants?’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

‘Because we don’t have anything, as usual!’ Chalk replied.

At two and a half meters tall the bipedal rhinoceros charged forward, swinging a massive club. Valance winced at the impact, which shook the tower.

Koram peeked through a crack in the door.

‘That sure is an ugly unicorn,’ he commented.

‘I heard that,’ grunted the beastman on the other side of the door as he charged again.

This strange wizardly concoction is great for covering the identities of bandits and other ne’er-do-wells who like to chaos mayhem and mischief, or for those who want the benefits of a lycanthropy-like change without worrying about the moon. Some say that those who drink too much of this potion start to lose their grasp of what they were and start to think like the animal they become if he or she gets enough of the same beastman potion.

Benefit: Drinking a draught of this potion will, for 90 minutes, turn the imbiber into a particular type of beastman and will enjoy the benefits and sometimes pitfalls of doing so. Depending on size of drinker and type, the following benefits will be received:

Small: Additional 1d4 attack (claw, bite, tail whip, etc.), darkvision-60′, track by scent-65% chance.

Medium: Additional 1d6 attack (claw, bite, gore, etc.), darkvision-60′, track by scent, 65% chance.

Large: Additional 1d8 attack (punch, gore, stomp, etc.), darkvision-60′, track by scent, 65% chance.

Option: If a birdman is chosen then flight is also possible, this will be similar to the Fly spell )Duration: 9 turns).

Note: Can become permanent through magical means during the nine turns.

Usable by: Anyone.

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