[New Magic Item] Mandolin of Madness

Mandolin of Madness

Navnen opened the large package that was delivered and smiled.

Valance looked up with interest.

‘Magical?’ inquired the priest of the Spider God.

‘Absolutely,’ replied the thief.

‘Is this about that curse? Because the wizard owns that tavern over at…’

‘I know.’

As evening approached the thief slipped out and slipped through the streets down to the ramshackle tavern.

‘Who wants to hear some music?’ Navnen asked the crowd as he strummed the mandolin.

Not trusting magic items, Valance sat outside and waited for the wailing and madness to spill out.

He was not disappointed.

More than likely the product of a trickster deity, the Mandolin of Madness is an old magic item that causes chaos wherever it is used.

Benefit: When this mandolin is played all present save up to three individuals and the one playing the instrument must make a save versus Wands at -1 or be subjected to an insanity for 2d4 hours. Examples of appropriate insanities/disorders are: Alcoholism, Alignment Change, Amnesia, Animosity (to an individual, group, etc), Claustrophobia, Catatonia, Depression, Fear of darkness and shadows, Frenzy, Gluttony, Heroic Delusion, Introversion, Kleptomania, Megalomania, Pathological Lying, Phobia (Any). When the effect is over those affected return to normal, with a 5% chance of the insanity or disorder being permanent. This magical effect may be used once per day, otherwise the mandolin plays like a finely tuned intrument.

Usable by: Thieves and bards.

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