[New Magic Item] Dessication Armor

Dessication Armor

Koram raised the visor to his new armor. Navnen screamed.

‘What?’ the fighter asked.

‘You look like skin and bones!’ replied the thief.

‘No wonder I haven’t felt thirsty or hungry for hours.’

Chalk looked up from his spellbooks.

‘That would probably answer that and be the consequence of magical armor.’

‘Hey, I’m one less to feed while we go out into the wild!’

This strange heavy armor was originally meant to help overthrow a lich lord and reportedly many sets were created, now these rare sets of armor are highly prized by those that are planning long journeys into unknown land.

Benefit: Those that don this set of magical heavy plate armor (AC 1) will immediately become dehydrated and wither, becoming skeletal and appearing to all to be undead (CHA-4 and you might be a target for those that hunt undead, although clerics cannot turn the wearer of this armor). Although this is a trick of the armor, the wearer is drained of fluids which allows this person to operate for days without food or drink. The armor being comfortable can be worn for up to one week at a time, the wearer does not need to eat or drink for that time, however the armor must recuperate and the wearer must take the armor off and must rest for at least eight hours themselves before any activity. During this period the person regains their normal appearance.

Usable by: Fighters and clerics.

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