[New Spell] Thorns and Barbs

Thorns and Barbs


The group of orcs threatened Knat and Chalk with sharpened spears. Chalk began a spell, Knat stamped a foot on the ground and shouted. The orcs all screamed in pain and dropped their spears, as the orc archer that was lurking nearby dropped his bow.

The wizard glanced at the dropped weapons, all had sharp thorns sticking from them. The druidess grinned.

Chalk unleashed his spell on the unarmed orcs.


Thorns and Barbs (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 25′ radius (+5’/level)

Duration: One turn.

An odd druid’s spell that allows the druid to make all wooden surfaces chosen by the druid within radius of the spell to grow sharp hooked barbs and thorns. Spear handles, wooden floors, doors, etc. This initially causes 1d4 points of damage to those holding, standing or in some other way in contact with an affected wooden surface. To maintain a grip on a spear, walk across an affected floor, etc requires a DEX check to avoid further damage. Running into or being slammed into an affected wooden area causes 2d4 points of damage.

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