[New Magic Item] Plaque of Silence

Plaque of Silence

‘So what did you wizards talk about at your little get together?’ Valance asked.

Chalk looked puzzled for a moment.

‘You know, I can’t recall.’

‘I don’t really care, I was just asking, you don’t need to tell me,’ said the priest of the Spider God.

The sorcerer sat up in his chair, looking annoyed.

‘Now that you mention it, I suddenly cannot recall what we talked about.’

‘It’s really not a big deal,’ said Valance.

‘Now I’m annoyed,’ said Chalk. ‘This is ridiculous.’

Moments later it all came back to Chalk, but he felt compelled to keep it to himself until he saw another member of the cabal.

Originally used by a wizard’s cabal, the Plaque of Silence has become popular among many royal courts as well. In appearance the Plaque of Silence appears as a simple stone or marble tile set above a door frame with a symbol of a rose or a mouth with a finger over the lips carved into the center of the tile.

Benefit: When placed above a door all who meet within are unable to discuss what was talked about within the room the door leads to, except to those within at the time of the discussion. Nothing short of a Wish or Limited Wish can loosen the tongue to an outsider. When asked about what went on behind closed doors around anyone not present all who were there cannot recall the topic even.

Usable by: Anyone.

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