[New Spell] Wall of Arms

Wall of Arms


A row of blue arms waved eerily, as if an arcane breeze gently blew them. But this was deep underground where it was dank and dark.

‘That is just creepy,’ said Valance.

Navnen the thief saw something sparkle just beyond the waving arms with their grasping hands. Nimbly the thief jumped over the magical arms.

Valance, not to be outdone, tried the same, falling easily into the grasp of the magical arms, held tight by clawing hands. He let out a yell.

Chalk and Koram showed up momentarily.

‘Stop screaming, you are going to get every monster down here on us!’ Chalk said.


Wall of Arms (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 3′ high x 3′ wide x 10′ per level.

Duration: Three turns per level.

An ancient wizard’s spell, Wall of Arms conjures up long blue scaly hands and arms from the ground. These appendages follow the commands of the caster and can be conjured onto a floor, wall or ceiling. A nimble thief or daring adventurer of any calling may try to avoid the grasp of these arms by making a Dexterity attribute roll on a d20 with a modifier of +1 to their roll (example- With a Dex of 14, a thief rolls a 12 on a d20 and adds 1, making their total 13, allowing them to barely escape the grasping arcane hands). The hands can punch for 1d4 damage and one caught by the wall may be hit by 1d4 hands and grasped by the same amount, each grasping hand reduces the victim’s ‘to hit by -1, to a cumulative -3. Breaking the grasp of the hands requires a roll under Strength on 1d20. Each arm takes 1d4 points of damage before it is rendered useless.

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