[New Spell] Undone Damage

Undone Damage


‘So the pesky goblins get their huts back as well as the town being restored?’ Chalk asked the druidess.

‘Quite possibly,’ Knat replied.

Pondering a few moments Knat took a couple of dozen steps in one particular direction.

‘And still?’ the sorcerer asked.

Knat just smiled her mischievous smile.


Undone Damage (Druid)

Level 6

Range: One mile radius.

Duration: Permanent.

By means of touching a defeated creature the druid may reverse any damage caused by that creature within one mile. This can include broken dams/diverted water sources, scorched earth, broken trees, etc. This will not bring back dead animals or sentient creatures, but will restore rocks and minerals as well as plant life, which does include smashed and broken habitats. The ravages of dragons, giants, ogres, trolls and other brutes can be reversed in this manner.

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