[New Monster] Herald of Air Elementals

Herald of Air Elementals

The quartet of adventurers watched the bulky creature of fire and basalt leave. Moments later a creature apparently made of clouds appeared, wearing partial armor, of fine silver. The creature stalked a few seconds outside of the magic shop then went inside.

Papers and scrolls blew outside of broken windows as the screaming began once again inside.

‘You know, I’d probably make myself scarce after that first thing showed up,’ Valance commented idly.

‘I’d love to see what’s on those scrolls,’ Chalk said, ‘ but at this pace I’d rather not be drowned or swallowed by the earth.’

Herald of Air Elementals

No. Enc.: 1

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 180′ (80′)

Armor Class: 4

Hit Dice: 6+4

Attacks: 2

Damage: 1d6 (strike) or by weapon

Save: MU7

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: None

X.P.: 1225

Another messenger of the Elemental Overlords, the Air Elemental Herald is less brutal in appearance than the others, although no less determined in its job for its masters. Appearing as swirling storm clouds in roughly humanoid form, wearing giant bracers, chestplate and helm of precious silver, this Herald moves swiftly and can Fly and Control Temperature at will and Levitate others (up to 4 individuals at a time) and cast Gust of Wind three times each per day. These creatures also speak the Common tongue and may argue with their masters on behalf of some of those they are dealing with, although this is rare.

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