[New Spell]Spirit Travel

Spirit Travel


The druidess Knat blew into the room like a fresh breeze.

‘I gotta tell you boys, I just flew in from Barrel and boys, my…’

‘No,’ interrupted Valance. ‘No corny jokes.’



‘I didn’t realize that this became the Unfun Club.’


Spirit Travel (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Self

Duration: One hour per level.

When cast the druid’s spirit takes over an animal, allowing the caster to ‘steer’ the animal in any direction desired for the duration of the spell. Animals that fly are most often chosen to travel great distances although a bear may be chosen to move through dangerous areas. The druid may not attack while traveling in this manner, but may only defend the animal being used as transport (the animal has 1d4 extra hit points and +2 to AC). At the end of the spell or when the destination is gained the druid appears next to the animal with all of his or her gear.

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