[New Spell] Particular Paralyzing Mist

Particular Paralyzing Mist


Two elves and a dwarf strolled into the inn, looking for trouble. One of the elves nodded towards Valance, the other smiled.

‘Humans!’ the elf mage shouted as a strange bluish mist appeared.

‘No!’ Chalk shouted as he glared at Valance right before feeling his muscles stiffen and become paralyzed.

The trio strolled over to the table where the priest of the Spider God and his companions were slumped over.

‘Well, well, well,’ said Falwin, the elven warden. ‘Look who we have here, Valance, priest of the Spider God and cheater at gambling who owes over four hundred gold pieces to the one who hired us.’

Chalk’s eyes bulged at the sum even paralyzed. The dwarf grunted and picked up the wily cleric.

‘You’ll have three days to meet us here with the gold to satisfy the debt,’ the elf mage said.

A gnome shuffled forward, Falwin thrust a spear tip in his face.

‘Don’t die over this, runt,’ the elf said.


Particular Paralyzing Mist (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 30′ x 30′ area.

Duration: One turn per level.

This strange mist, when conjured, allows the caster to name a particular species and paralyze all creatures of this type within the area of the spell unless a save versus spells is made (this is save is +2 if the creature in question has twice the Hit Dice of the caster’s level or more). Dispel Magic and Remove Curse will instantly dispel the effects of this spell.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Particular Paralyzing Mist

  1. gmccammon5 says:

    I am SO HAPPY to see this blog is still going! 🙂

  2. killervp says:

    Yet another gem!! Love this!!

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