[New Spell] Smallest Golem

Smallest Golem


Valance trapped the small bit of fabric under a glass.

‘It moved on its own,’ he told the others.

Chalk, Koram and Navnen just looked at the priest of the Spider God. The small fabric doll slumped lifelessly.

‘I’ve heard of such things, but possible the wine has gone bad,’ Chalk suggested.

Valance grumbled and removed the glass, he tossed the rag doll in the corner.

Moments later a strange human crouched where the doll was thrown, running forward with a dagger.

Navnen was just a touch faster than the snarling wizard and tripped him.

‘Okay, it moved,’ Chalk said as he cast a spell at the intruder.


Smallest Golem (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 300′

Duration: One day per level, see below.


This spell works after the casting wizard has created a small humanoid shape out of fabric and cotton. Sometimes called a “rag familiar”, the arcanist animates the golem when the spell is cast and can see through the button eyes of the tiny mannequin. The creature moves slowly (10’/3′), yet in complete silence. This figure can carry 1.5 pounds and if the wizard chooses to, he or she can teleport to the location of the tiny golem, thus destroying the construct. The tiny construct may wander up to 300′ away from its creator.

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