[New Magic Item] Eyed Staff

Eyed Staff

Knat bumped Chalk gently on the head with her new staff.


‘Like my new staff? It was an award from my grove of druids. I saw you fools coming from around the corner through the eye on the end,’ the druidess said excitedly.

‘There are other ways of showing off your gear besides assaulting us with it,’ Chalk said.

‘That is less fun,’ Knat replied, looking around another corner. ‘Oooo, here come some constables.’

Valance and Chalk began trotting off in another direction, back into the seedy part of town.

A thick oaken staff, commonly used by druids and wizards, created by an Archmage who ended up making quite a few of these magic items for distribution among several wizard’s guilds and druid groves.

Benefit: A magical staff that will store up to three spells, levels 1-3, deals 1d6+1 points of damage and has an eye clutched in a bird’s claw carved in one end. The bearer may close his or her eyes and see through the staff as if it were a periscope, usable in this manner at will.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a staff.

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