[New Magic Item] Spell Gems

Spell Gems

Chalk pulled a small red gem from his pocket as the other wizards were gathering, he spied a long time friend in the crowd, he showed the other mage the gem.

‘Got anything good?’ he asked his friend.

‘See for yourself, Chalk,’ the mage said as he tossed a green gem of similar size. Chalk did the same with his gem.

‘I see two I like, trade?’ asked Chalk.

‘Sure thing, my friend,’ came the reply.

Very rare and coveted, these magical gems are useful for wizard guilds, cabals and traveling bands of spellcasters. Often found in the hoards of dragons and other monsters known to keep magical treasures.

Benefit: A magic-user can store up to three spells in each gem of up to 6th level. These spells can be used (no more frequently than one per hour) or, if two or more wizards meet with these gems, exchange the spells as long as the spellcaster could use that spell (from 1st-6th level) whether he or she actually knows the spell. Once cast from the gem the wizard does not automatically know any previously unknown spells.

Usable by: Spellcasters.

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