[New Spell] Metal Eating Mist

Metal Eating Mist


Koram growled as he found himself walking into a strange green mist that destroyed his shoulder armor.

The mage who cast the spell laughed as he faced the adventurers.

‘That was a bad idea,’ Chalk said.

‘And why is that?’ asked the antagonistic magic-user.

Koram drew his sword from it’s leather sheath.

‘Because my sword is made of crystal!’


Metal Eating Mist (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 2′ high x 2′ wide x 2′ deep

Duration: One round per level.

This dreadful spell creates a slow moving mist that the caster controls and sets upon any metal that he or she wishes destroyed. While magical metal items receive a saving throw, non-magical metal instantly rusts and disintegrates, leaving all non metallic items intact and unaffected. One of the reasons some say it is wisest to kill the wizard first.

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