[New Magic Item] Torch of Truth

The Torch of truth

Constable Nettles stood sternly, awaiting newcomers to the gate, a torch held high in his hands.

‘Ah, Valance, priest of the Spider god,’ the constable said. ‘Getting ready to do some gambling?’

Valance eyed the torch suspiciously, the constable seemed too confident.

‘I might, at that,’ he replied. ‘Only in legal places of course.’

Nettles glared at the cleric.

‘This time, apparently,’ the constable growled. ‘Let’s keep it that way.’

An artifact from a lost age, the Torch of Truth was allegedly handed down by the gods to clerics of Law to assist in dealing out justice. Despite complaints from the Lords and Ladies of Chaos there has never been permission granted by the powers of the Balance to counter these rare magic items.

Benefit: Any Lawful cleric, paladin or cavalier that invests two hit points (that are reclaimed as if they were damage) into this torch causes it to burst forth into a bright flame that illuminates a 40′ radius. All creatures that are weakened by sunlight are now -2 to hit while within the light of the torch. Additionally, all lies told within the light of the Torch of Truth will materialize as words swirling around the head of the liar.

Usable by: Clerics, paladins, cavaliers of Lawful alignment.

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