[New Spell] Detect Gems and Precious Minerals

Detect Gems and Precious Minerals


Chalk and his companions walked into the inn to meet Knat the druidess. They found her talking to a trio of dwarfs. She suddenly mumbled to herself and then whispered to the dwarfs, pointing in turn at each. Nodding to each other they shook hands with her and excused themselves.

‘What was that all about?’ Chalk asked.

‘Oh, those dwarfs wanted some help with a new mining endeavor, I agreed to help them later this week,’ she replied.

‘Howso?’ Koram asked.

‘I gave them a list of the gems they were carrying on their persons, to prove I could,’ Knat said.

‘You can detect gems and you never told us’, exclaimed Valance.

‘You boys never asked,’ she said.


Detect Gems and Precious Minerals (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 75′

Duration: Two turns

When cast the druid can detect gems and precious minerals within the range of the spell and know the type and location, including how deep in the ground, or wall or even ceiling that the gem or precious mineral is located, although the spell locates these on persons and in treasure chests, etc. This spell makes druids highly sought after by dwarf miners and thieves.


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