[New Spell] Copy Color

Copy Color


Stork returned to the shack he shared with his partner in crime, Vistis the Blue Mage to see the illusionist counting a large number of silver coins.

‘You don’t gamble,’ Stork said,’ how did this happen?

‘This isn’t from gambling, the peasants paid me to save them from the Red Basilisk of Barsk.’

‘The what?’

‘I magically colored that old iguana I’ve been dragging along with us, they just saw it peering around and ran to save their skins, dropping coins and begging me to slay the beast,’ Vistis replied.

‘Excellent, that will get us by for some time, the poor basilisk,’ Stork said looking at the iguana that was green now.

‘Perhaps he will be blue in the next town,’ Vistis pondered.


Copy Color (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One day per level.

When cast, this illusionist spell allows the caster to pick up a color with his or her finger or tip of wand or staff and use that color to transfer to any material item. This magical pigment stays on digit or wand or staff for one turn and the effect lasts one day per caster. This can be used to make a ragtag bunch of soldiers appear as a unit with uniform colors or to create a fantastical beast to awe a crowd or most any other clever use of color.

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