[New Spell] Automaton Instability

Automaton Instability


‘Knock it off,’ the druid warned the mage.

The wizard laughed as he sent his familiar, a homunculus, to fly about the druid’s head and pester him.

‘Enough, I told you,’ the druid said.

The homunculus tugged at the druid’s beard and tried to fly away, too late, the druid muttered a spell and the familiar suddenly slowed in its flight, then the druid’s scythe neatly cleaved the thing in half. It expired soundlessly. The wizard winced in pain as his familiar died.

‘Hey, I did warn you,’ the druid said.


Automaton Instability (Druid)

Level 4

Range: 20′ radius

Duration: One round per level.

With the general distrust and dislike of automatons by druids this spell was created to fight constructs and other artificially created life (including creatures like the homunculus). When cast this spell creates an azure barrier that affects any automatons, constructs or other artificial beings: any that fail a save are reduced to 25% of their normal movement rate and do 25% of their normal damage and take double damage from spells. Once the spell has ended the creature resumes its normal movement and damage.

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