[New Magic Item] Bulette Helm

Bulette Helm

Navnen shouted in excitement as his sling’s rock struck the metal helm of the odd fellow following the group.

‘Got him!’

The finned helmet sank below the surface.

‘He’ll just keep annoying us if you do that,’ Valance said.

The earth beneath them moved slightly as the strange man swam ahead of the adventurer’s underground.

‘We could use an archer in the group right about now,’ Chalk observed looking over at Koram.

‘Okay, I’ll take up a bow,’ the fighter replied.

This magic item is the result of a wizard taking the fin from a bulette or ‘landshark’ and making a magical item out of it-thus taking part of another’s magical experiment and experimenting with it.

Benefit: When donned by someone capable of wearing a metal helmet this magical armor adds +2 to the character’s AC and allows him or her to ‘swim’ at a speed of 40′ underground as a bulette moves under the earth. The wearer of the helm can see roughly 15′ around them in all directions while under the ground. Usable for two hours per day.

Usable by: Anyone that can wear a helmet.

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