[New Spell] Slow Hot Wind

Slow Hot Wind


Varsh the lizardman stared at Chalk with an evil look in his eye. The reptilian hissed a spell. The air suddenly grew hot and humid as a small group of lizardman fighters appeared behind their leader.

‘It’s hot!’ complained Koram as he tugged at his piecemeal armor.

‘Agreed, even my spiders aren’t happy,’ Valance moped as various arachnids poured from the sleeves of his robes.

‘Okay, Varsh, you win, we’ll pay to pass through here,’ Chalk said.

The lizardman grinned as Navnen the thief scowled.


Slow Hot Wind (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 45′ radius +5’/level

Duration: One day per level

Created by an enterprising lizardman wizard, this spell causes an area around the caster to raise (or possibly lower in some cases) to roughly 110 degrees F. (about 43 decrees C.) and become very humid. Those in armor and from more northerly climes suffer if not prepared and those in metal armor lower their CON by 3 points in the area of this spell unless the armor is immediately removed, even those in anything other than cloth armor are -2 to their CON attribute and being generally uncomfortable and sweating profusely makes all physical rolls -1. After leaving this area the these points recover at one per hour. Lizardfolk and other reptilian and amphibious creatures are absolutely comfortable in the radius of this spell and in fact enjoy a +1 to all physical rolls.

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