[New Spell] Ward of Familiarity

Ward of Familiarity


‘You wizards are very sneaky,’ Valance said as Chalk returned from his guild meeting.

‘What makes you say that?’ the wizard asked.

‘Navnen and I scouted around for three hours trying to break into your little party to no avail,’ said the priest of the Spider God.

Chalk just smiled.

‘Try harder next time, boys.’


Ward of Familiarity (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 30’x30’x30′ area +5’/level

Duration: One hour per level


This spell causes an area, usually at least roughly predetermined (as in a specific town,section of a city, etc), to be easily found by those named by the casting mage (+2 on all search rolls) and harder to find for enemies (-2 to all search rolls) for the duration of the spell.

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