[New Spell] Creeping Ash Wall

Creeping Wall of Ash


Stork wiped the hot ashes from his eyes with a snarl.

‘Where did they go?’

‘I don’t know,’ replied Vistis the Blue Mage as he shook ashes from his mask discreetly.

‘All I did was inquire about Chalk and his cohorts,’ Stork said.

‘They have a lot of allies in these parts,’ Vistis said.

‘If I get my hands on that shady wizard they will have one less,’ growled Stork.


Creeping Wall of Ash (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 20′ wide x10′ high x5′ deep area +5’/level

Duration: One turn per level or until the wall touches a target


This spell conjures a wall of crawling and roiling hot volcanic ash that moves 3’/round in the direction ordered by the casting wizard. Vision is obscured through the wall (-2 to hit on either side) and when the wall touches a living creature it bursts into a cloud of hot ash that reduces the Constitution of all within the area of the wall by two as well as making all physical rolls -1 for one turn thereafter due to the annoying ash that gets caught I armor and fabric, itching and irritating the skin.

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