[New Magic Item] Red Obsidian Dagger

Red Obsidian Dagger

Chalk returned to the cottage the adventurers shared to see Navnen, Koram and Valance pondering over a strange red dagger on a table.

‘What is happening now?’ the wizard asked.

‘We are trying to figure out what this thing is trying to tell us. If it sits on the table it is motionless, if we put it on a map it spins and then points to the northwest every time,’ explained Navnen.

‘So we have one option as far as I can see,’ said Chalk.

‘Head northwest?’ asked Valance.


Shamans created these magical daggers decades ago after a deposit of red obsidian was uncovered deep in an underground cave system near an ancient volcano. Magically hardened and sharpened, these daggers are deadly in combat, even if they appear primitive to the casual observer.

Benefit: In addition to being a dagger that deals 1d6+1 damage and is +1 to Hit in combat, when one of these daggers is placed upon a map it will point to the nearest treasure hoard or deposit of red obsidian, whichever is worth more as red obsidian is very rare and highly coveted.

Usable by: Anyone.

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