[New Spell] Truth in Flames

Truth in Flames


‘Impossible!’ grumbled the king of Nalaj.

‘The fires never lie, my lord,’ said the High Priest of Chandal.

‘Something is wrong, this cannot be, I killed this man myself years ago,’ the king snarled.

The sneering image of the wizard Stork slowly faded into the flames of the crackling fire.

‘He’s coming back,’ said the High Priest.

‘Double my personal guard!’ demanded the king.

A few miles away out in the wilderness Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage picked their way towards Nalaj through dense forests.

‘They’ll never know what hit them,’ Stork said.

Vistis remained quiet, not as confident as his fellow adventurer.


Truth in Flames (Divine)

Level 2

Range: 10′

Duration: Instantaneous.

A priest of cleric requires flames to cast this spell, no smaller than a torch will do. As the spell is cast the cleric or another asks a question into the fire and the answer will show up as an image or images that truthfully reveal the answer. This can be one figure or static image or a small scene played out over the course of a few seconds.

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