[New Spell] Laicization



The priestess of Locustus hissed at Valance the way a praying mantis hisses when annoyed.

The priest of the Spider God began a prayer as the priestess swung her mace and missed.

Suddenly the priestess screamed. She began a prayer to her deity. Nothing happened.

‘You villain!’ she snarled.

Valance laughed as spiders scurried from his robes towards the priestess.

‘Hey, he can cast spells,’ Koram said.

Chalk looked on in horror as the priestess was overcome by arachnids.

In the Web Between Worlds the Spider God chuckled to itself.


Laiciation (Cleric)

Level 5

Range: 10′

Duration: Special.

This spell allows the casting cleric to remove the powers of another priest or priestess of the same or another deity. The affected clergyman is allowed a save versus Magic with a +1 modifier if he or she is in good standing with their deity(ies). If the spell succeeds all powers are removed, reducing the caster to be a layperson for one day per level of the casting cleric.

Note: While this spell may be cast for a variety of reasons, the gods and goddesses do not like their representatives being punished without a good reason, and sometimes deific retaliation may occur.

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