[New Magic item] Tap Scroll

Tap Scroll

The thief, Navnen, returned to the shard room of the inn and handed the scroll to Chalk.

‘You got it?’ the sorcerer asked.

‘I got the scroll sticking out of the pouch,’ replied the thief.

Chalk smiled as he unrolled the parchment, his smile quickly faded.

‘You idiot, this is a recipe for basilisk stew,’ lamented the wizard.

Navnen’s shoulders sank.

‘I tapped the scroll to the one sticking out of the wizard’s pouch,’ he explained.

Valance looked over Chalk’s shoulder reading the scroll/

‘To be fair, the recipe looks delicious,’ commented the priest of the Spider God.

Chalk frowned.

Of unknown origin, these pesky magic items frustrate wizards that like to keep their magic to themselves. Some magic-users love these, some hate them.

Benefit: This magic item is a scroll of parchment that, when it is tapped against another scroll, will copy the contents of the other scroll onto this one. While quite simple to use, wily wizards like to foil the use of this magic item (unless using it to copy their own scrolls) as much as possible to keep their eldritch secrets for their eyes only.

Usable by: Thieves and magic-users favor this magic item, although anyone can use it, not everyone can cast the spells from it.

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2 Responses to [New Magic item] Tap Scroll

  1. Anubis says:

    Is this in the shard room or shared room?

    • bat says:

      Here’s a secret: I purposely misspell words every so often in case someone copies and pastes my posts somewhere else :).

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