[New Spell] Path to Respite

Path to Respite


Zaaba-glun looked at the druid, Fellhorn.

‘We’ve got a storm coming in,’ the fighter said.

Fellhorn nodded and bowed his head for a moment. The druid seemed to see something that Zaaba-glun couldn’t.

‘Soon we will veer off this trail to the north, I see a bright path leading towards a shelter,’ Fellhorn said.

The fighter whistled, moments later an elf appeared from one side of the trail, a halfling from the other.

‘We are going off the trail, so we should stick together, no need to scout,’ he said.

The two demi-humans nodded and the quartet slipped off the trail and into the undergrowth.


Path to Respite (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 500’/level

Duration: One hour/level.


This druid spell allows the druid to find a safe oasis for themselves and any companions with them. As long as there is indeed a safe place. If there is a safe place to rest within the range of the spell the druid will see a glowing golden path to that area. This may be a lodge or hut or an area that is easily defended, depending on the terrain. If there is no safe shelter within the spell’s range then there will be only a hint of the general direction.

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