[New Spell] Add Nausea

Add Nausea


Everyone in the in suddenly felt ill.

‘It’s the sausages!’ some cried.

‘The cheese has gone bad!’ others complained.

Valance’s eyes rolled along with his stomach as he experienced waves of nausea.

‘It cannot be either, I just got here,’ the priest of the Spider God said. ‘This is magic.’

The wizard Azon grimaced as his spell was revealed. The innkeeper grabbed the spellcaster by the sleeve.

‘Fix this now or you’ll be in a lot more pain than we are!’


Add Nausea (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 100’/level

Duration: One day/level or until dispelled.


A rather unfortunate spell to be the victim of, Add Nausea causes all in its range that fail a Save versus Spells to feel extreme nausea, so much so that all rolls are -2 for the duration of the spell. The careful spellcaster makes this look like poisoned food or the curse of another that he or she can cure and rid th affected of their misery.

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