[New Magic Item-Cursed] Mask of Malox

Mask of Malox

‘I wouldn’t do it,’ Valance advised.

Navnen looked at the mask in his hands. It was grotesque, the visage of a fanged monster, and it was easy to steal, maybe too easy.

‘I wouldn’t, either,’ chimed in Chalk.

‘But what if I can breathe fire with it or something? You two said it is magical,’ the thief said.

‘What if you turn into an imp?’ Valance asked.

The thief shrugged and put the mask on. Waves of terror emanated from him suddenly. Chalk fled, followed by Valance. Koram stood bewildered.

‘I can’t take it off!’ shrieked Navnen.

‘I’ll go looking for a wizard or priest that does remove curses since ours don’t,’ Koram said with a sigh.

Nobody is quite sure whether Malox was an archmage or an archfiend, but this magical mask is certainly fiendish. Made of wood and looking garish and fearsome with tusks and sharp fangs, flared nostrils and a bright and contradictory paint job, this mask is to some a cursed item, to others a rite of passage that must be endured until it loosens its grip on the wearer.

Benefit: A cursed item, the Mask of Malox sticks tight once put on a person’s face. The benefit is that all languages spoken within hearing distance are understood, the curse is that all within a 20′ radius must make a Save versus Spells or flee in terror as if under the affect of the Fear spell (creatures under 2HD automatically flee, creatures over 6HD receive at +1 to their save, creatures over 10HD are immune to this affect). This mask will remain on the wearer for one year and a day or until a Remove Curse spell is cast upon it.

Usable by: Anyone, it is cursed, share it.

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