[New Spell] Sustenance from the Sun

Sustenance from the Sun


Fellhorn the druid looked over the group’s resources.

‘We’ll never make it to Dorsk with what we have,’ he told Zaaba-glun.

‘Is there an alternative?’ the fighter asked.

The druid contemplated this question for a moment.

‘There is one way, but the halfling won’t like it,’ he said with a smile.

Greenthistle looked up, brushing crumbs off of his vest.

‘Greenthistle won’t like what?’

The druid grinned.

‘You’ll see, little thief.’


Sustenance from the Sun (Druid)

Level 4

Range: 30′ radius.

Duration: One day/level. See below.


The casting druid causes all within the radius of this spell, including themselves (if he or she chooses to), to use sunshine instead of needing to eat or drink for the duration of the spell. Each day requires those affected to be in the light of the sun for at least four hours per day or the spell will expire (cloudy days will also dispel this magic). While vampires will hardly be duped into walking into the sun, creatures like goblins or kobolds that may have a penalty in the sun? If they are hungry enough they might risk it.

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