[New Magic Item] Jar of Daemons

Jar of daemons

Stork went through a bunch of pieces of parchment in the cabinet of the wizard he had just killed. Standing next to a tall jar he muttered a few of the words.

Suddenly several arms erupted from the jar as an impossibly large creature pulled itself from its confines. The creature dusted itself off, unfurled its wings and looked at the human.

‘You have my service for one hour,’ it said.

Stork peered out a window of the dead wizard’s tower and saw a small group approaching, undoubtedly the retainers of the mage.

‘How far away can you get me from here?’ Stork asked as he tucked a few scrolls and assorted magic items into a satchel at his side.

The lumbering daemon looked fearfully at the jar that had contained it and spread its wings.

‘Not far enough, let’s get out of here.’

Created by a crazy archmage that planned on having an army tucked away in jars on hand, a circle of thieves had other ideas and these magical items have been dispersed throughout the world.

Benefit: This magical vessel simply holds earthbound daemons (q.v.), with usually 1d4 held within the Jar at any time. Spells that banish infernal creatures or a cleric’s turning are common ways for daemons to find themselves trapped within one of these magic items. Removing the lid and speaking a command word will release this creatures who will do the bidding of the one that released them for one hour and then flee the area to get away from the Jar of Daemons immediately.

Usable by: Anyone with the activation word.

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