[New Spell] Stitching that prevents Snitching

Stitching that prevents Snitching


Valance wandered back to the small house the adventurers were renting. His mouth was stitched shut with a strange silvery thread.

‘Lose a bet?’ Chalk asked.

The priest of the Spider God shook his head.

‘See something you weren’t supposed to?’ Koram asked.

Valance nodded and winked.

‘One less mouth to feed until he loses that spell,’ Navnen commented.

Valance scowled.


Stitching that prevents Snitching (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day/level or until dispelled.


An old spell of somewhat ‘thuggish’ priests, Stitching that prevents Snitching causes a course thread to magically and painlessly ‘sew’ the lips shut of the target of the spell in order to keep him or her from saying something that they shouldn’t. This is more of a ‘friendly reminder’ than anything else (this spell does not prevent those that can write from doing so) with the added benefit that during the course of the spell the affected need not eat or drink, yet is also completely mute.

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