[New Magic Item] The Owl’s Pack

The Owl’s Pack

Fellhorn looked about for a stick, the druid was annoyed.

Flipping open the ornate owl backpack the druid prodded inside the pack with his staff after not finding an adequate stick.

‘You come out here, you!’ he yelled into the backpack.

‘No, it is comfortable in here,’ squeaked the gnome from within.

‘I need your spells during the day,’ the druid explained. ‘You can rest at night in there.

‘Fair enough,’ said the gnome as he crawled out of the backpack nibbling on a loaf of bread.

This magical backpack was createdback in the Golden Age by a trio of wizard who sent their apprentice off on journeys, often dangerous journeys alone in strange places. Being rather popular, the wizards were asked to create more of these wondrous items, which they did, for a fee of course. Now long gone these magic items are highly coveted by adventurers the world around.

Benefit: Also known as the ‘Three Task Pack’ this hard leather backpack is in the stylized shape of an owl and has the following qualities:

  1. The interior of the backpack is magically larger than it would appear, being 3′ wide x 2′ deep x 2′ thick, all contents are kept dry.

  2. The backpack can be used as a shield twice a day, with a +2 to AC, this effectlasts for the duration of combat.

  3. Once per day the backpack can animate and carry a human sized character that is not heavily burdened (or two Small beings or one Large unburdened being). The maximum distance flown is five miles per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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