[New Magic Item] Horn of Zageli

The Horn of Zageli

The constables surounded Stork, Vistus the Blue mage and the other villianous spellcasters. Stork nodded to one of the necromancers who produced an enchanted golden horn and blew on it.

As the horn was winded Stork and the other wizards felt a strange invigoration, suddenly springing over the determined constables and running for their lives in different directions.

‘Not exactly as planned, but we lost the constables,’ Stork commented hours later.

‘And the guy with the neat magic item,’ added Vistus the Blue Mage.

‘That is going to put a crimp in our travel plans,’ agreed the sorcerer.

This magic item is made from an enchanted gazelle horn. After several tries it was determined that the exact speed and grace of these creatures could not be exactly duplicated, but the benefits are nothing to scoff at, allowing for both great escapes and apprehensions in its decades of use.

Benefit: Twice per day this horn increases the speed and agility of the one who winded the horn and up to four others to 30 miles per hour with the ability to make 10′ leaps for one hour each time the magic item is used. After each time this horn is used for the maximum duration all who gained benefits from it tend to be famished and are irritable until the eat and drink next.

Usable by: Anyone.

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