[New Spell] Assume the Pain

Assume the Pain


The leader of the Cult of the Vicious Maw stabbed at the elderly priest, cutting to the bone.

‘Put that maniac down,’ the cleric of St. Bellos told his companions. ‘Save my patron.’

‘What will you do?’ asked the halfling thief.

The cleric rolled up his sleeve to reveal a bloody gash meant for the old cleric.

‘I already am doing something,’ he replied.

Without thinking twice the others pounced on the crazed cultist.


Assume the Pain (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Line of sight.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes).


A very rare spell of self sacrifice, Assume the Pain allows a priest or priestess to take on the pain and wounds inflicted upon another. In this way many a king or elder cleric has been saved at the last moment as the caster takes on the wounds themselves when direct healing is not possible or one wishes to suggest that the subject of torment or atack can take on more than one would guess.

Option: The caster may instead or also offer points of Constitution to the target of the spell, this temporary loss is regained at a rate of one point per day, the receiver loses these extra points at the end of the day.

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