[New Spell] Flowering Eye

Flowering Eye


‘How does that druid keep hounding us?’ the dwarf asked.

‘It is unreal, he knows all that is happening around these woods at an uncomfortable level,’ replied the elf.

The curious halfing strolled up to the other demi-humans holding an odd plant.

‘Now I am no master gardener or druid,’ the short adventurer said. ‘However, I know that daisies don’t have eyes.’

The dwarf and elf looked at one another.

‘I told you he’d be handy,’ the elf said.


Flowering Eye (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 30’/level.

Duration: One hour/level.


A druid uses this spell to magically grow a planted seed instantly. As the plant opens into a flower resembling a daisy, the central part of the flower, also known as the disl florets, is replaced with an eerie looking eye. The druid can easily manipulate this flower and face the flower in any direction. At any time afterwards the druid can concentrate and see through this flower in many spectrums, including the ethereal and astral realms as well as at night. From a distance while concentrating the caster may also move the flower to face another direction. The plant is rather obvious on its own, but can only be spotted on a roll of 6 on 1d6 when this magical daisy is blended in with similar flowers.

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