[New Magic Item] Hat of Voices

Hat of Voices

Vistis the Blue Mage strolled into the inn and handed the key to the wizard’s tower over to Stork the sorcerer.

‘How did you get this?’ Stork asked in genuine amazement.

‘I just had to be very convincing and pay attention to the constables,’ the illusionist answered as he tucked away the magical hat into his robes, not wanting his partner to know all of his secrets.

As usual, Stork eyed Vistis suspiciously.

Also known as the Hat of the Myna Bird, this magic item appears as a well made leather hat, rounded at the back with a pointed bill or ‘beak’ in the front. Very valuable, these hats often command a high cost due to their ability to fool others.

Benefit: This hat allows the wearer to mimic any voice that he or she has heard three times per day for up to ten minutes each time the magic of the hat is invoked. Clever illusionists covet this type of magic item because it makes their spells of illusion stronger when used with a visual illusion of the person whose voice is being imitated. Anyone trying to see past such an illusion may only do so on a roll of 9 or 10 on 1d10 because this magic is so convincing. Without supporting magic the voice is still very good at fooling people, however one must elude being seen so as not to give the trick away.

Usable by: Anyone.

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