[New Spell] Very Unhappy When It Rains

Very Unhappy When It Rains


The elf Bramblefoot regarded the stormcloud above Fellhorn’s head with a wry smile.

‘I don’t want to hear it,’ growled the druid.

‘Oh, I have been the subject of the gnome’s ire too,’ the elf said.

‘How did you know it was the gnome?’

‘Who else would throw a little storm over your head?’ the elf asked.

‘When I get my hands on that little fiend,’ Fellhorn grumbled.

‘I’d let that spell ebb and fade if I were you, just from experience,’ the elf warned.


Very Unhappy When It Rains (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One day/level or until dispelled.


This illusionist spell causes the victim to believe that he or she has a small, dark cloud above their head that constantly releases rain and the occasional lightning bolt. The subject of the spell is upset by this constant cloud and the result is a -3 to Charisma and -2 to ALL rolls until the spell has ended. As others can see this storm cloud above the victim these people are often ostracized until the spell is dispelled or the duration expires.

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