[New Spell] Divert Undead

Divert Undead


The skeletons surrounded Fellhorn and his adventuring companions, weapons drawn. Though mindless the undead were still intimidating.

‘Any ideas?’ asked the elf.

Fellhorn mumbled a spell.

‘Make a bridge of yourselves over the river there,’ the druid said aloud, pointing.

The skeleton warband dropped their weapons and climbed over one another, locking themselves into the form of a sturdy bridge.

The druid smiled.

‘Somehow I think the necromancer is not going to be pleased,’ the elf said.

‘Then let’s make haste and begone from here,’ Fellhorn suggested.


Divert Undead (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 10’/level

Duration: One turn/level or until dispelled.


Druids have few ways of dealing with one of their worst enemies, the undead, therefore a clever archdruid created this spell. When cast a druid can ‘override’ the basic commands of most undead creatures, re-routing them to some other task other than combat or whatever they are doing. Undead under 3HD are helpless and must comply with their new commands, those over 3HD receive a save versus spells/magic at -2. This spell is rare and many necromancers do not know of its existence.

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