[New Magic Item] Wand of Vosinoss

Wand of Vosinoss

Valance sent a swarm of fist sized spiders at the wizard.

‘Get that wand!’ the priest of the Spider God urged.

Koram swung his blade which was parried seemingly effortlessly by the wizard.

Chalk mumbled a spell as Valance gripped the archmage’s sleeve. Suddenly, with a scream, Valance was gone. Spiders, now masterless, scattered everywhere.

‘He’ll be fine,’ the old wizard said with a laugh.’Ne’er-do-wells are transported some distance away. Now do you relent?’

‘We relent,’ Chalk said. ‘You are the toughst wizard around.’

Navnen scowled, not even getting a hit in, yet glas he wasn’t in Valance’s shoes.

Allegedly this magic item is the blessed wand of an archmage by a saint of the church of a goddess of the sun and light. Sometimes found in lost treasure hordes.

Benefit: In addition to being able to hold three spells, the wand can parry incoming attacks with a 65% chance of success. And finally, any undead or infernal creatures that touch a spellcaster holding this wand must make a Save versus Wands with a -2 modifier or be randomly teleported one mile away. Any Chaotic creatures touching the wizard holding this wand must also make a similar save (no modifier) or be similarly transported away.

Usable by: Anyone who can cast spells via wands.

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