[New Magic Item] Bow of Strength Sapping

Bow of Strength Sapping

Koram swung his sword at the bandit leader and felt a sudden pain in his shoulder. He realized he had been shot by an arrow. His body suddenly felt drained and weaker. The fighter twirled around and saw a short halfling archer.

‘Guys,’ the fighter called out,’get the stubby one, he’s got some bad magic in that bow.’

Valance sent a small warband of gruesome looking spiders at the halfling who still managed to hit Koram a second time. This time Koram felt a knee buckle, the bandit leader he was fighting sneered.

Navnen crept up behind the halfling, who suddenly swirled around and punched the thief solidly in the jaw, dropping him like a sack of potatoes.

Chalk threw a spell at the short demi-human that engulfed the small thug in a grasping and smothering jelly-like substance.

The bandits eased off with the halfing fighting the strange substance. Koram seized the bow and arrows and the bandits fled, despite Koram doubting if he could draw back an arrow.

‘Don’t kill that little worm,’ the fighter urged,’I want to know how long before I get my strength back.’

Valance smirked and called off his spiders.

Created by an elven wizard for a brave halfling fighter to help keep ogres away from the halfling’s farm, this magic item is beloved by halflings and other short people who like to drain their enemies of strength and then beat them up a little.

Benefit: Any arrow that hits from this bow has the option of temporarily transmitting Strength points from the victim to the shooter. For example, this shortbow deals 1d4 points of damage when an arrow hits a target, the shooter could instead opt to drain 1d4 points of Strength from the target for up to three hours, regardless of the target living that long or not. After three hours have passed the transferred Strength either returns to the target or vanishes if the target is dead.

Usable by: Anyone who can fire a bow.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Bow of Strength Sapping

  1. Elven Tower says:

    The strength exchange idea is quite original !

  2. killervp says:

    You did it again! This is awesome!!

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