[New Spell] Routing Wall

Routing Wall


The bugbear horde was advancing on the small keep. Fellhorn knew they were coming and asked Azol the wizard for advice or a spell. Azol, being a wizard was of course difficult until he realized something he wanted was in the keep.

The bugbears got closer and Azol cast his spell on the North wall as they approached. The monstrous humanoids stopped in their tracks, to them it appeared that the wall had broken and an army of crazed berzerkers were pouring out and attacking. Most of the bugbears turned and ran, dropping their weapons, others, frozen in place, howled in terror as the berzerkers were upon them, causing them to find their legs and run.

‘That spell was much appreciated,’ the druid said.

‘For a keg of good rum I can help out my neighbors,’ Azol replied.

Fellhorn shrugged as the grumbling dwarfs loaded the rum onto the cart of the wizard.


Routing Wall (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 25′ wide x 15′ high by 10′ deep

Duration: One turn/level.


This spell causes any force about to attack an area {living or undead) to see the illusion of an opposing force that will overwhelm the attackers. A save versus spells at -1 is in order to resist this magic, those that fail are either frozen in place or drop their weapons and flee.

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