[New Magic Item] The Inconvenient Arrows of Hamliss

Inconvenient Arrows of Hamliss

To the astonishment of Chalk, Koram and Navnen a chicken flew into the room through an open window.

‘Dinner has arrived,’ announced the thief.

‘Save it,’ the chicken said.

‘I should have known,’ said the sorcerer, Chalk. ‘Gambling debt?’

‘Crossed the wall near the wizard’s tower and his henchmen obviously have itchy bow fingers,’ replied Valance the chicken.

‘Will this wear off?’ Koram asked.

‘It had better before you guys do get hungry and there are no alternatives,’ the chicken replied.

Enchanted by Hamliss the Archmage, these arrows are ment to be part of the cosmic joke or possible just the machinations of a pacifist wizard with a cruel streak nevertheless, these arrows are not fun to be struck by.

Benefit: When fired from a bow these arrows are +1 to hit in combat yet do no damage, instead one of the following happens:

Roll 1d4:

  1. Victim transforms into a talking chicken for 1d4 days.

  2. The target transforms into the opposite gender for one week.

  3. The arrow’s target becomes a goblin for one month, retaining all mental attributes.

  4. For three months the victim glows a bright green color.

A Remove or Dispel Curse will end these effects early.

Usable by: Anyone who can shoot a bow.

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