[New Magic Item] Necklace of Dwarf Downfall

Necklace of Dwarf Downfall

Koram walked a little closer to his companions.

‘Why is that dwarf following us?’ he asked.

‘I am not sure, but if he persists he is going to have some spiders to deal with,’ muttered Valance.

‘Relax you two,’ Chalk said. ‘He’s just after that weird necklace we found. Once we sell it he won’t bother us.’

‘Are you sure? He seems a little obsessed with following us and he’s not that good at being sneaky,’ Valance observed.

‘Or we could sell it to him,’ suggested Navnen.

‘He looks like he can’t afford what the magic shop would pay, besides, it will be fun to watch him trying to break in to steal it,’ said Chalk.

The others nodded in agreement.

It is said that a great feud between men and dwarves once caused constant conflict and battle until the death of a mighty dwarf king of old, who would never stand down from a fight, only then were tempers eased. And it is said that this dwarf’s downfall came with a cursed necklace, the Brosingthrot, allegedly an ancient dwarf relic but in reality a cunningly crafted elven necklace that was enchanted by powerful elf magi against dwarfs. A king died, two nations reconciled and an elven prince snickered in his keep, knowing all along that he had been the dwarf king’s bane.

Benefit: This beautifully crafted gold and silver necklace is a terrible thing for a dwarf to see- just the sight of it will make a dwarf desire to own the necklace (Save versus Spells at -3!) and do anything in his or her power to own the necklace. Once donned by a dwarf the necklace immediately drains the dwarf of Str, Int, Wis, Con and Dex, reducing these attributes to 3 from wherever they were and is magically ‘stuck’ to the dwarf, as if magnetized to the unfortunate demi-human. If the dwarf somehow survives for one week with these attributes the necklace will relent and the dwarf will return to normal.

Usable by: Anyone, except, of course, a dwarf..

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