[New Spell] Scent of Distraction

Scent of Distraction


The giant slug slithered after the Scholar of Wexos as he skittered across the debris and into concealing shadows. The illusionist could hear the disgusting rasping sound of the creature’s teeth as it grinding them while seeking food. Almost soundlessly he cast a spell.

Suddenly the slug jerked its head in another direction, smelling something more plentiful and appetizing. The illusionist did not want to know what exactly that might be as he crept away in the opposite direction through the abandoned temple.


Scent of Distraction (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 25′ + 5’/level

Duration: One round (one minute) per level.


This illusionist spell creates an aroma of pleasant food in the air, wafting from whichever direction the caster desires. This overpowering spell can lure the hungry or creatures of animal to semi-intelligence with ease (-2 to saving throw), granting a standard saving throw to most others. Only those who realize they have strongly conflicting appetites (like a half-orc and a gnome, for example) gain a +1 to save due to feeling that something is wrong. All others smell a mouth-watering feast unless their olfactory senses are impaired.

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