[New Spell] Weapon Curser

Weapon Curser


The quartet of adventurers rushed at the ogre magi. With a curl of its lip the creature cast a spell seemingly at random.

Koram struggled to pull the Crystal Sword from its sheath, cursing under his breath.

‘That was a mean trick,’ Chalk snarled as he hurled a spell at the monstrous humanoid.

The wizard’s spell cut the ogre’s chuckle short.


Weapon Curser (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 15′ + 5’/level

Duration: One turn.


This quick and dirty spell curses anything that one would use as a weapon, even an improvised weapon (but not natural weapons like claws or fists). The weapon does no more than two points of damage per successful strike and appears to weigh several times more than normal.

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