[New Magic Item] Hat of the Goblin Archmage

Hat of the Goblin Archmage

Fellhorn rushed into the cottage.

‘Where’s the gnome?’ he growled.

The elf pointed towards a quivering shadow in the glow of the fireplace.

‘You little weasel! Making deals behind my back! I didn’t even know you spoke Ogre,’ the druid roared.

‘It’s the hat, the hat!’ whined the gnome as he took the hat off.

‘I am sure it is handy, but why the compulsion to get into trouble?’ the elf asked.

‘The hat?’ suggested the gnome.

‘No, you got into trouble before you found that,’ replied the elf.

Not many goblins become wizards, and even fewer last long enough to become archmages. Vokli Nottif was a goblin that bucked the odds and became a formidable wizard. Sadly in the end the orcs of his tribe were a bit too rough on their hero after he sent a rather aggressive stone giant packing and the celebration killed poor Vokli. His hat has gone missing, a rather handy magic item, favored by thieves.

Benefit: Appearing as a long hat of soft felt that comes to a point, this dark green hat radiates magic and has the following qualities, each useable for one hour once per day:

  1. Wearer becomes invisible. Still casts a shadow.

  2. Wearer can levitate. Up to 30′.

  3. Wearer can Comprehend Languages as per the spell.

The hat also grants a +1 to AC and all called shots to the head are -1 to hit (unless a natural twenty is rolled).

Usable by: An easier fit for halflings and gnomes than for human and other dem-humans, anyone can use the magical hat.

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