[New Spell] I Fit

I Fit


Stork chased the rival sorcerer into a small stone building that seemed to have no easy escape.

‘Tell me where you last saw Chalk,’ demanded Stork.

A muffled reply was all the wizard heard.

Growling he began a spell that burned through the door with a strange acidic cloud. The room was empty.

Stork stomped around for a few minutes and then saw a small hole in the wall, just big enough for a mouse to escape.

‘He will wish he never cast that spell when I get a hold of him,’ grumbled the mage.



I Fit (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Self

Duration: Special, see below.

This wizard spell allows the spellcaster to fit into a tube, pipe under a crack in a door or wall or through any similar small opening, fitting his or her entire body in the aperture. This process takes two rounds for the spellcaster to contort into the opening, then a moderate amount of time to move through a passage if there is one (obstacles like doors take one round, pipes and tubes will take longer, a chimney should not take very long being larger) and two rounds to reconstitute his or her body on the other side. Disturbing to watch, this spell has saved many an adventuring group.

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