[New Magic Item] Cursed Wings of Zabi

Cursed Wings of Zabi

It took the adventurers half a day to find Navnen, who was stranded in a tall pine tree.

‘You still think those are a good idea?’ Chalk asked the thief.

‘Near as I figure there is a one in four chance that this will happen, not too bad,’ Navnen replied.

‘I’d take those odds,’ Valance said as he tossed a rope up to the thief.

‘You would,’ Chalk said.

‘Hey, no spiders on the rope!’ Navnen complained.

The priest of the Spider God chuckled.

Originally part of a special military unit for its members to lay siege easier in the name of Law, the Cursed Wings of Zabi have been dispersed around the world for centuries as the empire that created them has fallen, along with the knowledge of how to create such wondrous things. It is said that these magical wings were used to harass an archmage by a pair of thieves and in time the spellcaster got so angry he not only cursed this set of wings but he traveled the world and cursed EVERY other set as well.

Benefit: These beautifully made magical wings have a harness that attaches easily to any humanoid from the size of a dwarf to a bugbear and allows the wearer to fly as per the spell for 30 minutes per day up to a maximum speed of 150′. The first three times a user wears these wings to fly there is no problem. After the third time a 1d4 is rolled. If the result of the roll is 4 the curse kicks in. The wings will fly off in a random direction, out of control of the wearer who now has a 25% chance of taking 1d6 damage from abrasions and collisions. The wings will leave the wearer far away completely off course from his or her intentions.

Usable by: Anyone.

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